Our Clients

Partnerships We Cherish

Our clients are mainly based in Europe and U.K. We are now slowly making in-roads into the American market also.

The strength of AMS lies in designing a collection every season according to latest global trends and supplying superior quality apparel and accessories to diverse buyers in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, the Middle East and U.K.. We work with different segments of the industry, from high-end boutique buyers to companies with franchises across Europe and U.S.A. to catalogue brands.

Whether a client, vendor or an associate, the Auric team bonds like a family built on the strength of its partnership – always working towards improving profitability and the brand of our partners.

We use a common platform for communication, training, R&D and production techniques with our partners to give them a comfort level in both the product and the working system.

And as the world shrinks in size, we are moving beyond geographical boundaries to source across the globe. Our business growth is being supported by upgraded in-house software and latest technology tools.